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100% customized solutions, only for your business! You can adapt these algorithms according to the parameters and nuances specific to your business. This is to make sure that every important factor is taken into account. Our AI platform solutions do not require an excessive amount of data. As a result, it allows you to reach your goals much faster. AI by PIMAN means less time, less costs, more efficiency for you and your business!

AI By PIMAN brings the power of artificial intelligence to businesses.

Our algorithms are able to learn more with less data and adapt perfectly to your use case. It simultaneously learns how  to do it better and better over time.

Whether it’s to give you a deeper and new insight into your underlying data (to suggest new ways to optimize your business) or to guide you with the assurance of its accurate predictions (that your competitors do not have).

AI By PIMAN is the industry-leading solution for Marketing, Business Intelligence and Deep Learning.

The true power of your business is Knowledge! You rely heavily on the historical context to make strategic decisions. That being said, how can you ensure that the experience and know-how of your senior experts does not go with them? I’m addition, how will this knowledge be used effectively? This is where AI By PIMAN comes into play! Bring the full power of our algorithms to your business.

Automatic processing of natural language

Automatic processing of natural language

AI By PIMAN applies machine learning and powerful NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to search for ideas in your documents, the relationship between them and thus, extract the most important topics. Our Level 5 contextual semantic analysis engine is suitable for all languages, alphabets, environments and trades. The goal is to make complex and large documents more accessible.

Recognition of faces or objects

Recognition of faces or objects

Using our image processing algorithms, you can easily search for objects or people in images by simply typing a term. It does not have to be the exact term; it can be a group of semantically close keywords.

Voice processing

Voice processing

AI By PIMAN Voice analysis algorithms are extremely powerful! They allow you to search your audio recordings (for people who talk about specific topics), identify people who speak using a voiceprint database, and conduct a sentiment analysis using the tone of voice and other vocal features.

You can also do it in live audio sessions! Transform your Customer Service by integrating algorithms for learning and processing voice and text.

AI By Piman Image Processing

AI By Piman Image Processing

Image processing algorithms can also search for facial expressions to detect the feelings of individuals. And many other interesting features!

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